Annunziata&Conso is a network of professionals that, in Italy and in the European Union, provides both in- and out-of-court legal advice, support for monitoring system management and corporate governance.
Highly experienced in EU and Italian financial market, banking, insurance and corporate law.
With more than 25 years of experience in advising over 300 Italian and international banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, asset management companies, listed companies and financial services providers.


Main features

Annunziata&Conso has grounded its activity on solid ethical and professional principles: integrity, academic accuracy, high quality, innovation and research.
In the current phase of steady market evolution and regulatory references, multidisciplinarity, comparative training and innovative capacity give added value to the services offered.
The orientation towards innovation has led professionals to support market operators in a number of cutting-edge projects, making Annunziata&Conso a laboratory for testing the main innovations in financial market law.
Being able to undertake demanding tasks by coordinating cross-cutting technical skills (legal as well as economic and financial) effectively meets the needs of an increasingly integrated international market.


The evolution

This process started in 2014 with the associated law firm set up by Filippo Annunziata, Professor of Economics Law at University, and Andrea Conso, lawyer, two professionals with sound background and extensive expertise.
A high profile team has been built around this core team, completed by Filippo Berneri, a chartered accountant and auditor, enhancing internal professional resources and attracting complementary professional expertise
When Donato Varani, a chartered accountant and auditor, arrived in 2016 with a professional background at the Bank of Italy, the area of expertise has been extended with activities supporting in-house supervisory systems and corporate governance.


The model

Annunziata&Conso is a network grounded on widespread partnerships and steady collaborations with professionals specialized in legal and professional consulting segments.
The innovative organizational and management model enhances individual specializations, attracts the best professionals, promotes vocational growth, offering customers a tangible value.
Legal activity is carried out through the new model of the Partnership between Lawyers (STA), a tailor-made scheme offering benefits to professionals and clients.
Supervisory systems and corporate governance activities are carried out by one of the few audit firms specialized in outsourcing of compliance, anti-money laundering, audit and risk management functions.
This professional network also serves as a skills aggregator: a key role in the organizational and management model is played by external professionals who, on an ongoing basis, combine the offering with additional specialized services.