Mariagrazia joined the team of AC Services S.r.l. in October 2018.

She is a member of the Treviso Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Bookkeeping Experts and is statutory auditor. After working within the tax team of an important international financial group, in 2012 she decided to become a freelance professional, working with leading national law and tax firms.

Her main expertise includes tax, corporate, commercial, banking and financial law, as well as accounting and administrative advisory services.

He has gained specific expertise in the field of the internal control system (internal audit, compliance, anti-money laundering) through consultancy and collaboration activities carried out for the Boards of Statutory Auditors and Supervisory Boards pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 of companies mainly operating in the credit and financial sector (Banks, asset management companies, companies under 106 TUB), Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) under Law 130/99 and holding companies.

She is in charge in companies, even regulated ones, mainly operating in the financial sector.

Languages: English